Here at Beykent University, we believe in that the society is built up with the individuals, who are not just equipped with the professional knowledge, but the global vision to enrich the future, as well. With 9 faculties at 4 campuses, 2 institutions and 9 research centers, all our efforts are for our students having efficient learning strategies, creative, free, sociable, enterprising, and designing innovative technologies. Beykent University is located in Istanbul with the consciousness of being as close as to the value of being at the heart of history going back to 8500 BC, complexity of the global dynamics and richness of the variety of cultures living together just outside of the door.

Our students and academic faculty are open to take part in global projects. We invest in knowledge that will be produced during the conferences supported by the researchers, who want to reach beyond the geographical and professional boundaries, like this one we invite you to work with us.

Creative Sights Conferences are designed to gather the researchers from varying disciplines to re-think collaboratively on the crucial topics of science. We are very excited to realize the first one, Innovative Approaches for Architectural Mapping and Representation in the International Perspective, organized by our Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, on 8-10 May 2020. We are honored by the EAAE (European Association for Architectural Education) with 8 Council Members devoted to education, valuable academicians from remarkable universities, and worthwhile Keynote Speakers from far lands for supporting our conference to advance the quality of architecture.

Our goal is encouraging the international partnerships towards innovative projects, and constructive discussions to take notable steps for education, science and profession during the conference and after.

Personally, I am convinced that mapping and representation are two indispensable areas for all disciplines and I wish to see how architecture will raise the content and value of research and communication as a field of design knowledge, to solve the problems of the real or virtual cities. I am sure this conference is going to open up perspectives for new developments.

Prof. Dr. Murat Ferman

Beykent University Rector

Honorary President of the Conference