Architectural mapping and presentation are one of the established foundations of architectural design ranging from data collecting to 2,3 and 4-dimensional representation, imagination and experience of future design possibilities. Technological advances rapidly expand the boundaries of what can be mapped/illustrated, introducing new techniques that involve an ever more extensive range of disciplines and professions. The information to be shared becomes more complex and broad to include, for instance, temporal urban dynamics of events, activities and networks in the city, discovering spaces, experimental phenomena, lexical representation, futurologist spatiality, nonbeings, mental representations in addition to mappings of physical and spatial data of the context of a building. The Creative Sights Conference provide a platform to share ongoing researches and practices on mapping, methods to generate information, and representations of data/ideas comprising various approaches to architectural design. The conference considers the vanishing borders in-between the disciplines building on inventive approaches as well as reinterpretations of the role of architectural mapping and representation. The conference is an expanding and inclusive call to all who are involved with mapping and presentation.